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Best Bronzing Tips for Black Skin

by Akesha Reid

We all know that this time of year is not the best for glowy, bronzed skin. The lack of sun, the stressed of the festive season and the crazy-cold weather – none of this lends well to a bronzed beat. 
Luckily, it’s actually really easy to fake a realistic glow, especially on Black skin. This is because deeper skin tones tend to always tan in the sun rather than burn, thanks to the skin’s wealth of melanin, so bronzing the skin should look like a subtle enhancement of the richness that’s already there. Follow the tips below for a seamless sunkissed look… 

//H2// Prep well

The first step to a perfect bronze is a well prepped base. “A simple cleanse and hydrate, no matter your skin type (oily/dry/combination), is the perfect base – this allows you to achieve a bronzed look,” advises makeup artist Joy Adenuga. But if your skin errs on the oilier side then a further bit of prep is required for a realistic bronze look. “If you’ve got oily skin, I’d highly recommend setting your skin properly with a powder before bronzing to avoid patchy streaks on the face.”

The Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder, £9.50, is a perfect way the set your base pre-bronzer to make sure your makeup look is the only thing that’s shining throughout the day. 

//H2// The best bronzer formula is…

For the most realistic glow, Joy advises using a cream texture rather than powder, especially in winter months when our skin is already at its driest because of the cold and moisture-zapping central heating. Why cream? “It’s the dewiness,” says Joy, “it adds to your complexion and will make people question if you’ve been on holiday.” Genius.

//H2// Cheat your bronze with foundation

The deeper your skin tone, the trickier it can feel to find a bronzer that works for you, that gives you a golden glow rather than a grey hue. Joy has a tip for this, “I love using warmer foundations like the AJ Crimson Dual Skin Creme Foundation as a bronzer,” she says. “Then set with a powder that has a soft shimmer like Hourglass Ambient lighting finishing powders.” This combination will give a realistic glisten to your look and avoid any ashiness in your base. 

If you’re layering a foundation as a bronzer on top of an initial foundation, make sure they are of a similar texture and offer the same finish. This will ensure your application will be super-seamless and reduces the risk of piling (when your products bobble when you rub them in). 

//H2// The best bronzer brush?

The brush you use is so key to the finished look, so make sure you’re picking wisely. Joy suggests a small tapered brush with synthetic fibres, like her Booked and Busy brush. “The premium grade hair makes it possible for use of both cream and powder bronzers,” as synthetic fibres pick up and blend both textures well. Using a tapered brush will allow you to softly define the contours of your face without creating harsh lines.