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Ask the Expert:

How do you do ‘no makeup’ makeup?

by Akesha Reid

Moving into the spring and summertime, trying to do a full face beat every day is definitely not it. Sometimes you want to look put together without looking or feeling like you have too much on. So here we spoke to Pro MUA, Joy Adenuga on how to create the best ‘no makeup’ makeup look for those days when a little is just enough…

All about the base

Naturally the key to a decent ‘no makeup’ look is acing your base, and this starts with hydrated and well moisturised skin - then you can get started on your foundation. “Apply just one thin layer of foundation,” says Joy. Keeping your base light – even if it’s not necessarily a light foundation - will mean that you face won’t look too cakey. Of course, a dewy foundation is going to achieve a fresher-looking base but you can still use a more matte formula if you prefer, such as Black Up, The Matnifique 24HR Matte Foundation, £28 and use a damp sponge to apply for a lighter finish. If you have marks and blemishes that you want to cover up further, Joy advises precision concealing with a small brush

Onto the eyes

Just because it’s a ‘no makeup’ look doesn’t mean you should neglect the eyes! Paying your eyes a bit of attention can open up your face and brighten up your look. Joy’s advice? “Switch to cream eyeshadows,” she says, “just one layer with a fluffy brush keeps the eye look natural.” 

Bring back the blush 

“Skip all highlighter, contour, powder and use a highlighting blush,” says Joy. “This brightens the face with added colour.” A highlighting blush has shimmery pigments in it to help lift your complexion slightly without looking too obvious. When applied to the apples of your cheeks it gives a ‘lit from within’ glow.

And now the finishing touches…

Have you found your ‘my lips but better shade’ yet? It’s essentially a lipstick hue that is ever so slightly darker and richer than your lip colour to enhance the fullness of your lips. A great nude for deeper skin tones is AJ Crimson Beauty, Matte Lipstick, Perfect Selfie, £19. “Use your ring finger to apply your favourite lip product in the middle of your lips and blend out with a clean brush,” says Joy. A creamy nude lip liner like Black Opal, ColorSplurge Precision Lip Definer in French Roast, £5.50, blended out with your favourite lip balm is another way to create a subtle but effective lip.