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How to Merge Makeup with Mindfulness

by Sue Omar

With more time on our hands than ever before, it’s so easy to sit still, overthink and become overwhelmed with anxiety and not-so positive thoughts. The solution? One of the best ways to get through these testing times is to replace the empty gaps in your diary with simple mindfulness practices to instantly lift your mood and keep you busy. From journaling to jotting down positive affirmations and mediation, mindfulness can easily be practiced alongside any activity that relaxes you such as simply taking a bath or even applying your makeup. While merging makeup with mindfulness may seem slightly bizarre, it’s a new trend that promises to help you prioritise your wellness, boost your self-esteem and elevate your headspace with a stroke of a brush. Want to know more? Here’s our guide on making your makeup more mindful.

Set The Mood Right

It’s no secret that environment is everything when it comes to practicing mindfulness, so choose and comfortable space in your home to sit and de-clutter your makeup station to set the scene for meditation.
Whether you choose to light up a few candles or listen to some soothing music, make an active effort to make your mindfulness experience as enjoyable as possible by incorporating things that make you feel good. “In many ways applying makeup can really be a form of escapism from everything that is going on in the outside world as it takes a lot of focus and skill from start-to-finish,” says makeup artist and Loop Beauty influencer, Zainab Hassan. “On most days, I apply makeup to mediate my mind, tap into my creativity and help me unwind, while experimenting with exciting new looks each time,” she adds.

Skin Prep 101

When prepping for makeup, take time to gently massage moisturisers and hydrating oils onto your skin for a flawless base while setting your intentions for this mindfulness practice. “If your skin is naturally oily, you can mattify your makeup as you build up your look with powders or go-bare for a beautiful dewy glow,” says Zainab. “As your skin absorbs the moisture, take a deep breathe and try to think of things that you are grateful for, reflect on your goals and achievable steps you can take to get there,” she adds. “While we wait for the pandemic to end, it’s important to stay positive and tell ourselves that we can still make progress on the things we can change now and do our best to be optimistic for the future,” she adds. 

Find Your Muse

For many of us, makeup is a form of self-expression that allows us to transform ourselves and channel different looks within minutes. When merging makeup with mindfulness, choosing a muse or a look to mimic can help guide the colours, textures and techniques you will use. “Pull up some pictures of looks that you like on your phone for inspiration and try to make them your own,” suggests Zainab. “Makeup mindfulness is all about experimenting, so there is no rule book, there is no right or wrong way, you simply just need to have fun with each look and make it your own. For instance, if you come across a picture of someone wearing a bright yellow eyeshadow, you can re-create this look using pigment eye shadows or even with a yellow eyeliner – as long as you are enjoying the process and learning along the way.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Want to brush up on your makeup skills like a pro’ from the comfort of your own home? Zainab Hassan is hosting a digital ‘Master Your Face Masterclass’ on Saturday March 13 2020 via Zoom. “I wanted to create a safe space to empower women to learn the key skills needed to master their own makeup and create looks that are tailored to suit their personal style which they can practice on themselves in their spare time,” says Zainab. “Every guest will receive a bespoke makeup kit - including some of my favourite products - before the event so they can participate live on the day.”

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